What is Poetry?

What is Poetry?
Poetry has 2 types POETRY OLD AND NEW.
Poetry is just an outpouring of one's heart as outlined in the paper
and then can be poured back through spoken language with an emphasis on language and appreciation

poetry sometimes contain only one syllable repeated. so for the reader
This makes the poem to be understood.
The poet has a reason for all the weirdness that was made in his writings. no
restrictions author wants to make a poem.

Then why poetry created?
Poetry is also an imagination or a real outpouring of the author
so that the poem was created to provide abundant for writing, so that everyone can
feel what the author felt. usually for the layman may be a bit difficult
to understand that the art of writing and the author's poetry.
If you have the desire to make a poem, then you have to master is
itself, in the sense that you should be able to vent your emotions and soul first
then imagine it all in the form of words.

Good luck and happy writing poetry.

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